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Why Lisa Became An Appointed HAIR REBORN Stylist

Find out why Lisa at Salon Sienna became an Appointed HAIR REBORN Stylist...

Julie’s Story Part 3 – RE-BORN

Julie reflects on her cancer journey and how the HAIR REBORN programme has helped…

Julie’s Story Part 2 – RE-STYLE

Julie shares an update to her story with a fabulous new hairstyle...

Julie’s Story Part 1 – RE-START

Julie shares her story from undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and completely losing her hair to nurturing her hair into a new short, chic hairstyle.

How Hair Reborn Helped Me

Find out how the HAIR REBORN Charity helped Rebecca through her chemo hair loss & recovery journey helping her achieve a new look with confidence

Jenni’s Story

Read Jenni's story. She talks us through her hair loss journey and how, as a hairdresser, she is now delighted to be able to give back by working with HAIR REBORN.