How To Make A Donation To HAIR REBORN Charity

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HAIR REBORN appointed salons and hair stylists do not charge or get paid for their time or accept tips whilst providing the HAIR REBORN Programme. However, should you wish to make a donation to the charity, this will be greatly appreciated.

The proceeds will go towards marketing and advertising, leaflets, stationery, our website costs, training and setting up HAIR REBORN facilities at new appointed HAIR REBORN Salons. 

Bank: Metro Bank

Account: Hair Reborn
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Account: 31111099

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Other Ways of Raising FREE Funds for HAIR REBORN

Raise FREE Funds when you shop online!

Help us raise funds when you shop online whenever you buy anything from your weekly shop to your annual holiday at no additional cost to you.  Just register with and the retailers will donate every time you shop. 

Click on the image to register. 

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Matteo's Fundraiser For Hair Reborn

Matteo Milazzo Just Giving

Matteo Milazzo is taking part in the Thames Meander Marathon to help raise funds for HAIR REBORN.

Matteo says "Through our own personal experience, the charity was set up by my parents to help those struggling with cancer related hair-loss.

Hair loss is one of the main side effects of chemo treatment. Losing your hair can have a devastating impact on your self confidence and mental health. Some people feel they lose their identity along with it which often results in feeling anxious around people and embarrassed about their appearance. After treatment your hair also tends to grow back differently which can be uncomfortable and hard to manage adding to the stress your body has already gone through.

Hair Reborn is the only charity in the UK supporting people before, during and after chemo treatment through the 4 step system (Re-assure, Re-start, Re-style and Re-born) and providing an in-salon programme offering up to 3 Free visits at one of the designated salons that have been trained. This gives people comfort and clarity as well as something positive to look forward to, helping an individual regain their self-confidence whilst stepping back into a salon environment.

There are currently 30 registered salons that provide this service around the country with the help of amazing stylists who volunteer their time supporting people in their community as a way of giving back. With more funds, more salons can be trained to support and help more people going through this already traumatic time. Please visit the website or social media pages for more info and testimonials of how the charity has helped people regain their confidence."

Donate to Matteo's Fundraising Efforts Here

Aderans Trendco, Hair Reborn

Aderans Trendco, a renowned name in the hair industry, has shown immense support for the Hair Reborn charity.

Recognising the importance of restoring confidence and self-esteem in individuals facing hair loss, Aderans Trendco has actively collaborated with Hair Reborn to make a difference in people's lives.

One of the remarkable initiatives is the Charity Fashion Show, organised to raise funds and awareness for the cause. The event showcases not only the latest trends in hair styling but also celebrates the strength and resilience of those on their hair restoration journey.

Through their partnership with Hair Reborn, Aderans Trendco continues to make a significant impact, empowering individuals and spreading positivity in the community.

Find out more and buy your tickets here. 

Joe Ride 1

JOE took part in The Ride London-Essex, on Sunday 29th May 2022, a 100 Mile Bike Ride from Victoria Embankment out to Essex and finishing back at Tower Bridge, to raise funds for HAIR REBORN.

There is still time to donate to this fantastic cause and support Joe's effort.

Donate Here 


Fabulous Jewellery Raises Funds for HAIR REBORN

Thank you to the wonderful Lindy Steven, Esente Hair client, for the beautiful jewellery she created to sell especially to raise funds for HAIR REBORN.  Such a great event, organised and managed by Lindy, her daughter Jenny & their amazing friends, which raised more than £3000 - an incredible amount! 

Beautiful Hand Made Christmas Cards In Memory Of Doreen

A huge thank you to Sharon P who raised £260 from the sale of her beautiful handmade Christmas cards in memory of her dear friend Doreen who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer the night of our launch party, 3 November 2017.

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