Become A HAIR REBORN Appointed Salon

We have a number of HAIR REBORN appointed salons around the country offering the free programme to people in their communities that have been through hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy treatment, helping them on their journey to recovery with a series of simple haircuts as their hair begins to grow back. 

Our aim is to help restore our guests’ confidence and self-esteem and achieve a new manageable hairstyle in a salon that is understanding and compassionate.

Just an occasional hour of a hairstylist’s time could make a huge impact on someone, helping them feel and look better, simply by using your everyday skills.

We hope to grow the HAIR REBORN Programme throughout the UK to support as many people as possible. 

- Could your salon spare an occasional appointment a week to help people in your community that have been through hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy treatment?

- We provide free training and all materials to appointed salons, as well as on-going support and assistance to the stylists providing the programme.

- Only a couple of stylists or the salon owner/manager need to sign up to become a HAIR REBORN appointed salon.

- Our dedicated support line takes all the enquiries, provides support and registers the guests to signpost to the salons once they are ready to begin the styling programme.

- You’d be making a huge impact on someone simply by using your everyday skills & compassion.

Please visit What We Provide for further information on the programme steps or contact us directly.

We pride ourselves on seeing the transformation in each and every HAIR REBORN guest that undertakes the programme, watching their confidence grow back in line with their hair, their heads begin to lift higher and smiles grow broader and the knowledge that we are helping to change industry attitudes, services and community support for the better by using our everyday skills and passion to make a genuine difference.

If you are interested in joining the HAIR REBORN Team of Salons, or would like further info, please Contact us.

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