Testimonials From HAIR REBORN Guests 

"What a great idea 'Hair Reborn' is.  After such a difficult year it was lovely to get a pampering and professional advice on how to look after my crazy chemo curls.  Thank you."


"My life after cancer was made better when I visited your salon. Joe, Rebecca and the team made me feel very welcome and I always looked forward to coming to your salon.  I have my confidence back now."


I feel so grateful for this wonderful programme. What you offer is so much more than just haircare. It’s an incredible support that comes from understanding how cancer journey affects a person’s confidence in a big way. You give back confidence, a sense of normality, and more strength. It’s incredible how such a seemingly simple act can have such a profound effect. Thank you very much for your hard work, kindness, and empathy, and for reminding everyone that we’re not alone in this journey.


"Thank you for all your help, support and advice regarding my hair growth after what was a crazy time!  I now feel comfortable and confident with my new appearance - I cannot stress how valuable this is! With gratitude and warm wishes."


“HAIR REBORN has helped me in so many ways. When I first saw you Joe I immediately knew I was in safe hands, and you made me feel like I could face the world again. See, after Chemo is over you don’t look like yourself or feel the same; you just want to get on with your life, but it’s not that easy. The programme has made me feel so much more confident, and although I still feel different, at least with your help & the HAIR REBORN programme I can see a new identity emerging which helps me feel more positive about the future. It’s much more than just a hair cut; HAIR REBORN is amazing...thanks so much” 


"Amazing! Joe, you are a star! The service you provide for us (cancer patients) at the Hair Reborn/Esente Salon is absolutely fabulous! I've been to Hair Reborn today and what a treat! I had some hair advice and a beautiful hair cut while I was enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with some nice little treats - all courtesy of this great charity! I'm so happy to have found out about your beautiful work (I wish I knew you before). We (cancer patients or not) must support this great and incredible initiative. Just who's been through such a difficult process like this knows how valuable is to know that there is someone out there to help us. Well done Joe! I look forward to seeing you again for my 2nd consultation."


"I visited Esente Hair as part of the Hair Reborn programme, started by Joe. What an excellent and important thing he is doing. Losing one's hair due to cancer treatment can be charged with a whole range of emotions, all of which Joe was sensitive and understanding of. I came to the salon with only six weeks of hair growth and was worried Joe wouldn't be able to do anything with my new, wiry locks! However, he was super confident which made me feel confident too! I left Esente with a truly lovely mini pixie cut which I love. After covering my head with scarves and hats for six months, I have really been enjoying showing off my new 'do' and have had many compliments about how stylish the cut is! Honestly, my hair really does feel reborn and that is all due to Joe's hard work, warmth and professionalism. A huge thank you to Esente! Looking forward to my next visit."


"My Hair Reborn appointments at salon Siena have been amazing. I feel back to normal. In particular I was impressed with how caring the staff were and that they were contacting customers who might be struggling in the current situation."


"A Massive thank you for my Hair Reborn hair cuts at Charlie Brown salon. They were fantastic not only with cutting and styling my hair as it grew back but also supporting me. Can't thank you enough for looking after me. Thank you Hair Reborn."


"I was delighted with my first visit at Michael Franks, I came away more positive about my post chemo hair, my stylist washed and cut it, even showed me how to dry it, what a lovely guy, thank you."


"Thank you so much for making me feel human again. I couldn't face going to my hairdresser and having to explain everything. Hair Reborn was mentioned to me and I was so so glad I contacted you, what a wonderful service you are providing. Joe was patient, caring and gave me great advice and reassurance all the way through. I looked forward to each visit. Thank you again for making me look and feel great!"


I love my experiences at Esente. Every appointment is fantastic. Joe is very attentive and can't help enough. From my first appointment after chemo he has guided me through each stage of growth and style. It has given me back my confidence. I have another appointment due and can't wait. My thanks as always.


"I was so at ease and so impressed by the stylists patience and understanding, he seemed to know how I felt and that is very important."


"The early days following hair loss after starting treatment are really hard to deal with and I knew it was the chapter during cancer I needed help with. Hair Reborn has been a massive help. Going through cancer during covid was lonely and you were one of the first people I was able to talk to so thank you for being there. The support at the salon meant that I was amongst stylists who gave me time and understood my problems. I wasn’t embarrassed like I would have been in an ordinary salon. My hair is looking great so I feel much more confident. I will always be grateful for the care and support from Hair Reborn. "


"Thank you for the great work you do. What a blessing to have this service. It has been a huge help to me as hair loss was one of my biggest worries. The support and advice has been fantastic and I look forward to starting the Hair Reborn programme."


"When you are facing the huge physical and emotional challenges of cancer chemotherapy and losing your hair, it makes such a difference to know that there are people that understand, care and want to help. It has been such an uplift to receive this kindness.  Thank you so much."


"I had a great experience at Kerryann’s Salon, Morden and I am delighted with how my hair is now growing. I have a new image. This was an amazingly good supportive service. Losing my hair was one of the worst parts of cancer treatment. Being able to go to a specialist salon whilst my hair started to grow back has given me a massive morale boost and has restored my confidence in my appearance."


"Thank you so much for seeing my husband who was feeling rather lost after finishing cancer treatment. What a difference this hair appointment has made. He returned from his visit a new man. He looked smart, younger and was so much more positive. You’ve really helped him find his identity again."


"I had my hair appointment with the lovely Claire at Perfectly Posh in Hungerford yesterday and I just wanted to thank you and the Hair Reborn charity SO MUCH for such a positive and happy experience. I have been completely blown away by the kindness and care I received. Claire is a true expert and she immediately put me at ease. I felt like a queen for the morning and the haircut has given me a bit more confidence and made me feel more empowered.  What you do is so special and wonderful.     Thank you so much." 


"Wonderful – what a lift, thank you.  This was my first post chemo haircut and I feel so grateful for Joe and Lina’s work setting up Hair Reborn. Joe and the team were charming. One feels very conscious after chemo and it was so helpful to be with a stylist that was so knowledgeable and sensitive about what cancer treatment does to your hair and self image. Cancer treatment is a grueling experience and it is really heartening to know other people care about that and want to help. The cut was excellent and I left feeling years younger. "


"Thank you so much for your advice yesterday. Your information was so helpful and it was nice to be able to talk things through with someone. There is so much information online and so much information from the nurses to read through that you just don’t know where to start but talking to someone that understands was so much easier and I feel a lot less anxious now. Again, thank you so much for your help and support. "


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for referring me to Frank at Prive Hair. I went there last week and was made to feel very welcome and spoilt by everyone in his salon. Having not stepped inside a hairdressers for over a year and having now acquired a short mop of regrowth, I was a bit nervous but they made me feel normal. Lots of advice and a fabulous haircut to boost for which I have had so many compliments – even from my son! Thank you again to you and all at Hair Reborn."


"My appointment was part of the charity Hair Reborn in Salon Sienna, which provides hair advice and cuts to those that have been through chemo treatment hair loss.  The appointments have been amazing and I feel back to normal. In particular I was impressed with how caring all the staff were, making me feel at ease."


"I met Joe last week for my first chemo haircut as part of the Hair Reborn programme. My hair had grown back well but I didn’t know what to do with the inch of fluffy spikey stuff growing. I left feeling very stylish rather than just a haircut that was trying to make the best of my chemo hair as it grows out. I’m so grateful to have been able to see Joe who understands so well what my post chemo hair needs and for his advice about styling etc. From the warm welcome from everyone to the fantastic haircut, it was a very happy experience and really looking forward to going back. What a brilliant thing they are doing with the Hair Reborn charity and I hope it goes from strength to strength. I have made a donation and will continue to support them. "


"I love my HAIR REBORN experiences at Esente. Every appointment as been fantastic. Joe is very attentive and can’t help enough. From my first appointment after chemo he has guided me through each stage of growth and style. I have another appointment due and can’t wait.  My thanks as always. "


"I met Lina at a Headwrappers support session and she gave advice about hair care through cancer treatment. My initial contact was very welcoming and supportive and I was referred to an appointed salon. By my second visit my hair looked lovely which helped me feel like I was looking normal and not recovering from cancer. Joe has been wonderful and caring and my hair looks gorgeous. I feel happy with my experience and had lots of positive compliments about my hair. Thank you so much, I feel cherished."


"I was made to feel so at ease when first contacting Hair Reborn and the advice I was given was so helpful. I was very nervous on my first visit but completely welcomed and felt extremely comfortable and at ease on all my visits. It was nice to feel ’normal’ again attending a salon. It’s an amazing service and I’m so grateful for it as it helped me so much with my confidence. A huge thank you to Lisa and all the staff at Salon Sienna and Hair Reborn. "


"Thank you for everything - I truly feel that Joe has created a new me! And I love it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"After my first visit I felt my confidence had been restored and it got better after each subsequent visit."


"It has been an amazing experience for me after going through such a difficult time. It has made me feel like a new person. Thank you so much."


"Thank you for the warm and wonderful support you gave me. It’s so reassuring to have support and advice from someone who understands and can relate and relieved to know there’s a specially designed program to start once my hair has grown a bit more. Friends and family are supportive but think they’re telling you what you want to hear and people going through treatment are dealing with their situation differently so you don’t feel like you can talk to them in case they think you’re being vain. I wish I’d known what to expect beforehand and I hope patients are aware of your fantastic charity early on, so they receive the valuable reassurance and advice I’ve received."


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