Janine’s Story

I suppose my hair story could be seen as a tale of two halves… before and after my brain tumour.

I was never someone who was brave enough to experiment with my hair’s length, style or colour, but every couple of years I’d have a big chop and donate it to help others.

Then, in 2021 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour I suddenly found I’d be the one losing my hair. 

At first my confidence was shaken.

I was so lucky to connect with an amazing cancer support charity, HAIR REBORN, who were there for me every step of the way, from over the phone advice to free in-salon hair styling sessions as my hair began to grow back.

When I had my head shaved at Esente by the wonderful Joe it was so freeing. The team at HAIR REBORN were so encouraging. And slowly I discovered the confidence to try pretty much anything - over the last two years I’ve head-shaved, Mohican, blonde and the boldest flame red! 

I still have a brain tumour but have gained a freedom and confidence to live life - and style my hair - any way I choose!

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