Julie’s Story Part 2 – RE-STYLE

Julie’s HAIR REBORN Journey - Part 2

As I approached my 60th Birthday I was looking forward to my second Hair Reborn appointment, known as “Re-Style “at Salon Sienna. I was really excited because this appointment would result in a new ‘proper hairstyle’.

Since my initial appointment at Salon Sienna, my hair had gone bonkers. It seemed that once Lisa had trimmed away the frizz and fuzz there was no stopping my hair growth. I was looking forward to seeing Lisa’s reaction to my mass of bonkers hair. She was quite amazed by how much hair I now had and how thick it was.

After a cuppa and a laugh about my new found ‘bad hair days’, we got on to the serious business of Lisa’s plan for my hair today. Then it was time for a refreshing shampoo, soothing conditioning treatment and relaxing head massage; a real luxurious treat. As Lisa snipped away once again, the frizzy mess quickly transformed into a smart and sassy new hairstyle. Eat your heart out Jamie Lee Curtis! I felt as if I had finally shed the ‘cancer patient on chemo look’ and emerged as a more confident woman ready to embrace my new normal. I left the salon with a spring in my step and an appointment card in hand- for my final appointment ‘Re-Born’ in 10 weeks’ time.

This will complete my Hair Reborn programme. There will be plenty of new hair ready to be cut and shaped into a classy new style. This final appointment is also another opportunity to ask Lisa’s advice for tips on the best ways to care for my precious new hair, managing my chic hair style and chatting about the best options for colouring my hair.
I can hardly believe a year has passed since I began my cancer journey. I lost my pastel pink locks but hey it’s only hair (I admit I didn’t always feel like that!) and I’m told my new look suits the new me. After my diagnosis I couldn’t imagine life ever feeling normal again, let alone wanting to look glamorous!

I am grateful to HeadWrappers as it was through this hair loss charity that I was introduced to Lina & Joe’s wonderful service. My HAIR REBORN journey has boosted my confidence as well as transforming my appearance and enabling me to enjoy a welcome bit of pampering in the lovely Salon Sienna.

I am incredibly grateful to Lina and Joe and would urge other ladies going through cancer related hair loss to find out more about their HAIR REBORN programme.

To emerge from hair loss to a beautiful new you reach out.