Julia’s Story

Hair Reborn Julia's StoryI contacted Hair Reborn about 2.5 months after my chemo treatment. During chemo, I used cold-capping which I believe did slow down the hair loss but in the end, probably due to additional effects from Zoladex treatment, I didn’t have much left. It was mostly thinning but with a bald spot at the top of my head. By the time I contacted Hair Reborn, I got some hair regrowth but the shedding continued for a long time after chemo anyway. I had lost about 80% of my hair by then. I was wearing bandanas and putting the remaining hair into a ponytail but it was so thin it didn’t really look like a ponytail anymore.

Since the shedding didn’t stop, I was afraid I could look like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in another week or so. And I had an upcoming long-term trip to another country — that made the situation even more stressful.

I had a lovely call with Lina who was very helpful and understanding. She advised me on the options for cutting my hair and managed to get an appointment for me in one of the salons they work with, just before I had to leave. I was so happy!

I had an appointment at Ufizzi Hair Gallery with Biagio. They had a separate space upstairs where I could feel safe and not worry about other clients looking at me. Biagio was supportive and helpful, it was a pleasure to talk to him. He cut my hair shorter and did some styling magic — I couldn’t believe how good my hair looked compared to what I came with. He also gave me some haircare tips. My hair was still thin but with the tricks he did and a bandana used as a headband, it really looked normal. I felt so much more confident. 

Looking forward to the next visit when we’ll be able to shape my hair into a new style.

I feel so grateful for this wonderful programme. What you offer is so much more than just haircare. It’s an incredible support that comes from understanding how cancer journey affects a person’s confidence in a big way. You give back confidence, a sense of normality, and more strength. It’s incredible how such a seemingly simple act can have such a profound effect.

Thank you very much for your hard work, kindness, and empathy, and for reminding everyone that we’re not alone in this journey.