Julie’s Story Part 1 – RE-START

Julie’s Hair Reborn Journey

I was introduced to Hair Reborn when Lina, one of the charity’s founders was a guest speaker at a Head Wrapper’s Tea, topknots and turbans session. Lina explained how and why the charity offered a free confidential hair care and styling service, to people suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

At the time I was completely bald, still going through chemo and was also waiting to have 10 sessions of radiotherapy to my brain. I had been warned that this radiotherapy could cause permanent damage to the hair follicles and result in my hair never growing back.

Hair loss had been much harder than I had anticipated. I hated the bald, unrecognisable cancer patient who stared back at me from the mirror and never left my head undressed even when I was at home alone.

I didn’t get on at all with wigs but luckily HeadWrappers taught me some exciting ways to dress my head. I found my unique look with colourful bandanas and fake fringes but there were times when I wondered if my hair would ever make a reappearance.

Fast forward six months and I am sporting a full head of (very short) hair! I am beyond grateful for my newly sprouting hair, which is fluffy, frizzy and various shades of grey.  I’m no threat to Rapunzel (yet) but it’s another step towards shaping my new look ready for my new normal life.

I was incredibly excited that at long last it was time to contact Lina and begin the four step Hair Reborn Programme. The first step was “Re-Assure”; a phone consultation with Lina.

Lina was genuinely interested in my story and my hair journey. She offered lots of tips and advice on nurturing my new hair, as well as arranging for me to attend my nearest appointed salon for my first post treatment trim.

All Hair Reborn endorsed salons are personally approved by Lina (who herself lost her hair due to cancer treatment) and her husband Joe (who is a hairdresser). Each salon is carefully vetted and the staff are trained to be mindful and aware of the cancer client’s needs.

When I arrived at Salon Sienna for Step 2 “Restart” I was warmly welcomed by Lisa and her lovely team. After a cuppa and a chat, Lisa had a look at my hair and scalp. She reassured me that my new hair was thick and healthy before sending me off to be shampooed, conditioned and massaged; prior to my trim and tidy which would prepare my hair for its new post treatment hairstyle.

I had complete faith in Lisa as she cut away the fuzz and frizz. Although lots of hair appeared to fall to the floor, in reality my hair looked longer, thicker and healthier after my trim.

Lisa gave me lots of advice and helpful tips as she created my fresh image. I felt like a new woman as I left the salon with a spring in my step, clutching a goody bag containing a selection of pampering hair products to try at home.

My next appointment (step 3) is already booked. My hair will be trimmed and shaped into a chic new style just in time for Christmas.

Following my trip to Salon Sienna, my hair has grown and thickened at an amazing rate. I even have bad hair days when my newly tamed tresses are rebellious and refuse to cooperate but I embrace these as I am so grateful to have hair, even if it is rather unruly!

To start your fabulous new hair journey with Hair Reborn today, reach out.