Why Lisa Became An Appointed HAIR REBORN Stylist

 Why Lisa Became An Appointed Hair Reborn Stylist

image1 4Lisa Cathcart has been running Salon Sienna, a multi award-winning salon in Manchester’s Middleton for 18 years. In May 2019 Lisa attended a Hair Dressers Event. Joe and Lina, the founders of Hair Reborn were also at the event to promote the launch of their charity.

The salon owner was so moved by Joe’s emotional and passionate presentation that she was inspired to find out more about becoming a HAIR REBORN appointed salon. By the end of 2019 Lisa had been trained and Salon Sienna was approved as one of the charity’s appointed salons.

Lisa’s life was touched by cancer when a member of her family was diagnosed with the cruel disease. More recently Jenny, a stylist at the salon lost her hair due to cancer treatment.

Despite Covid lockdowns forcing the closure of hair salons for extended periods of time, around 30 HAIR REBORN guests have now benefitted from chic new hairstyles created at Salon Sienna helping them regain their confidence and self-esteem.

Julie was one of the first guests to complete the entire HAIR REBORN programme with Lisa. She has shared her story to encourage other women experiencing cancer related hair loss to reach out to HAIR REBORN.

Lisa spoke of her passion and enthusiasm for helping women to regain their confidence, with the return of their hair following cancer treatment. She described how much joy she gets from being part of the women’s journey as she advises them on caring for their delicate new locks as well as suggesting suitable new hairstyles and creating chic sassy looks for the new lives led by the ladies.

The stylist urges anyone who is going through cancer related hair loss to check out the Hair Reborn Programme and learn about the full range of benefits including the fabulous free haircuts.

Lisa is committed to delivering the HAIR REBORN service to as many people affected by the devastating effects of cancer related hair loss as possible. She was recently appointed as a HAIR REBORN Co-ordinator/Trainer for the North West. Her goal is to recruit and train additional salons so people in other areas will benefit from the programme without having to travel too far. Lisa also liaises with Maggie’s Oldham and offers her assistance to take part in support groups for hair related matters.

This HAIR REBORN Ambassador is urging other salons across the North West to join the team of appointed salons.  Stylists/salons are thoroughly trained to offer a friendly and professional service to guests who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment. Lina and Joe are conscious that care and compassion are vital ingredients on a guest’s journey to self-recovery.

Cancer and hair loss are traumatic experiences which rob many women of their confidence and self-esteem and post chemo hair can grow back differently and difficult to manage. HAIR REBORN aspires to help guests look and feel so much better through a programme of empathy, advice and a series of up to 3 Free haircuts.

Participating stylists can make a huge impact on someone’s life simply by giving up a little time and using their everyday skills and compassion. All approved salons receive free staff training and materials plus on-going support.

Lina and Joe would love to hear from any stylists/salons throughout the UK who are interested in participating in the HAIR REBORN Programme.

Register your interest in becoming a HAIR REBORN appointed salon HERE.