Our aim is to give cancer patients the best possible help and support so please feel free to use these useful resources or get in touch with the businesses and organisations listed for further advice.

If you are a charity, organisation, a support centre or hospital, we would love to hear from you too.  Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

Suburban Turban, Hair Loss Solutions at Hair Reborn Charity UKAt Suburban Turban we make stylish, comfortable and sized chemo headwear for women’s hair loss. To help women feel confident, cope and manage the trauma of significant hair loss. Our designs make any adaptation for hair loss invisible and we develop normal ‘everyday’ fashion styles, that offer complete and secure coverage. Sized headwear means good fitting headwear, and we select our fashion fabrics for comfortable extended ‘all day’ wear. Find us online at www.suburbanturban.com or if you prefer, call us for advice and to place an order over the phone – 01306 640123 / 01306 879810.  Enjoy a discount on us and use code HAIRREBORN10 at the Suburban Turban checkout!



We are delighted to be working with Paxman, the leading global expert in scalp cooling for cancer chemotherapy patients. Their team consists of dedicated people who have a passion for supporting patients and their families, raising awareness about scalp cooling and monitoring medical development.  We will be working alongside them in patient care, advising patients early on, the benefits of using the cold cap in order for the best possible results as part of our first step Re-Assure.


Trendco LogoWe are delighted to have partnered with Aderans UK t/a Trendco one of the UK’s largest wig & hair piece suppliers, who are also a NHS contracted supplier within the UK. This means that they can accept prescriptions. Please check their website for terms & conditions. Like HAIR REBORN appointed salons, Trendco have salons located around the country for face to face visits or they can offer video call consultations for any support, advice or orders if you are not yet comfortable visiting or fall into a high-risk category. HAIR REBORN Guests will receive 10% discount. Please quote: HAIRREBORN 10 

chemogiftbags 1When Chemogift founder Lynne Shipton was diagnosed with breast cancer her thoughts kept going back to the huge impact chemotherapy had on people’s lives and wellbeing. Initially, she worked to raise funds for other charities, but she wanted to do more and she began compiling a list of items needed, both practical and essential, that could be used whilst patients were having chemotherapy. The list quickly became long, and Lynne realised she would need to put all the products into a bag.  Chemogiftbags was born - a registered charity which offers a free bag of invaluable products to both ladies and gents in Berkshire. Lynne’s efforts were deservedly recognised this year when she was awarded Organisation Champion of the Year.

Silk and Lawn, Hair Loss Resources, BrightonSilk and Lawn is a hair accessories brand that creates beautiful readymade turbans and wide headbands. Specialising in Liberty prints and luxury fabrics, perfect for delicate skin. Using the very finest materials 100% pure silk, cotton and wools, for the softest, kindest and most breathable coverage possible. Our turbans are soft, stylish and unique and can be worn on their own, as an alternative to or in combination with a wig, during illness, through treatment and into wellness. Our mission is fashion with purpose and to bring a little bit of joy during a really tough time. Our turbans can be worn by day to give coverage and confidence, and by night for comfort and warmth whilst sleeping.

Every piece is handcrafted and handmade to the highest standard. So whether you are a fashion and beauty aficionado, recovering from hair loss or medical treatment, looking for a unique gift, or simply wanting a little bit of everyday luxury - then we should have all your needs covered. We know that not every head is the same, so every item can be customised for you, for the perfect and most comfortable fit possible. Please find us online at www.silkandlawn.com. Enjoy a discount on us and use code HAIRREBORN10 at the Silk and Lawn checkout.